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50 Best Short Haircuts and Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Women sometimes think that if they don’t have thick, Pocahontas-like locks, they’ve got the short end of the stick. Let’s dispel this myth once and for all! Fine hair has an enviable soft and silky texture that is much easier to style and keep healthy. And there are countless trendy short hairstyles for fine hair that can easily build stunning volume on anyone with this type of hair.

In this post, we will show you just how easy it is to create a sexy, trendy, voluminous look on short fine hair, so that you can finally consider yourself very lucky!

When looking for the right way to style your fine, short hair for an added volume boost, think about things like your hair type (i.e., straight, wavy, curly, coily, etc.), your face shape, how much time you want to dedicate to styling your hair every day.

Generally, short hairstyles for fine hair will be easier to style than long hairstyles for thick hair, but there are variations between the styles. From layered bobs to playful curls, there are tons of ways to achieve bigger, more voluminous looks and generate an illusion of fullness.

So, without further ado, here are 50 awesome short hairstyles for fine hair that will make your hair look absolutely stunning!

1. Gray Smooth, Seamless Layers. If you have naturally straight, short to medium hair, this hairstyle is an ideal choice. It’s silky, soft, and creates an effect of subtle fullness.

Short Shag Cut with Gray Balayage

By Richie Miao

2. Lilac Pearl Pixie. Short hair can be so intriguing! Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and textures. We’re in love with this slightly funky hairstyle with bangs.

Lilac Pixie with Long Side Bangs for Fine Hair

By Sarah Bryant

3. Edgy Pixie Cut. Not a fan of the ‘good girl’ look? Give this edgy pixie cut with a fringe a go. The style is not for the faint-hearted, but that’s why we adore it!

Short Spiky Pixie with a Fringe

By Andrew Kozak

4. Sassy Undercut Pixie. Nothing beats a stylish and sassy long pixie cut! Confidence is the main ingredient you’ll need to rock this super trendy, bold haircut.

Blonde Pixie with Nape Undercut

By Diego Marcsant

5. Loose Beach Waves. Want to create fullness without using too many products? Loose beach waves work like a charm, particularly on a short layered bob. You’ll also love this hairstyle if you have naturally curly fine hair – it’ll be super easy to style!

Brown Wavy Short Bob with Pastel Pink Balayage

By Rochelle Golden

6. Shaggy Bob Cut. Creating thicker looking hair is so easy with a shaggy bob hairstyle! It’s flattering for all ages and quick to style because all the hard work is done at the salon.

Inverted Shaggy Bob for Fine Hair

By Shag Salon

7. Asymmetrical Pixie Cut. A playful style for those who want to stand out! Dark roots create a bold accent, and you won’t need to go for touch-ups very often. Overgrown roots are very in right now!

Asymmetrical Blonde Pixie with Temple and Nape Undercut

By Emily Anderson

8. Wispy Pixie Cut. Isn’t this layered hairstyle incredibly cute? Pair it with glasses for an urban/ nerdy look we just can’t get enough of!

Razored Banged Fine Pixie with Glasses

By Briana Cisneros

9. Pixie with Nape Undercut. If you have fine dark hair, jazz it up with some blonde highlights to add dimension and make it look fuller.

Undercut Fine Hair Pixie with Blonde Balayage

By Michele Sanford

10. Classy Temple Undercut. If your hair is fine, sleek and straight, this classy undercut hairstyle will be right up your street!

Short Asymmetrical Pixie with Side and Back Undercut

By Sarah Bryant

11. Shaggy Layered Bob. Beautiful silver hair and a shaggy, layered bob – what’s not to love? It’s modern, stylish, and ideal for any age.

Inverted Layered Silver Shaggy Bob

By Carolynn Judd

12. Blunt Bob. Layering isn’t everything. Sometimes adding blunt edges to layered lengths is even more flattering for fine hair! Ask your stylist for advice.

Centre-Parted Stacked Bob

By Dominick Serna

13. Playful Pixie Undercut. If you’re looking for a fun, head-turning hairstyle, opt for this tapered pixie cut. Whether you have fine white hair or darker locks – it is bound to receive attention!

Tapered Silver Pixie with Long Bangs and Undercut

By Leah Fitts

14. Long Pixie with Bangs. The long pixie cut with bangs is at the top of current hair trends right now!

Fine Hair Pixie with Bangs and Shorter Back

By Renee Marie

15. Smooth Graduated Bob. This glamorous graduated bob is a great volume-boosting hairstyle for straight, fine hair.

Chestnut Brown Full-Looking Stacked Bob

By Dominick Serna

16. Short Layered Bob with Nape Design. The bob is a universally flattering haircut. Add a cool undercut detail to your short layered bob, and you’ll win points for originality!

Fine Bob with Undercut and Shaved Design

By Jinnie Lee

17. Poker-Straight Razored Cut. This is a super charming hairstyle for ladies with straight hair that’ll add plenty of volume to fine locks!

Inverted Raven Black Razored Bob for Fine Hair

By Emily Anderson

18. White Blonde Medium Bob. For fine hair that isn’t very short, a tousled, feathered bob will do wonders in generating volume!

Shaggy White Blonde Bob with Bangs for Fine Hair

By Patrick Trant

19. Short Blunt Blonde Bob. Elegant, modern, and flattering – this blunt blonde bob gets top scores!

Short Blunt Bob with Side Bangs

By Sal Salcedo

20. Messy Textured Pixie. A slightly different take on the pixie cut – and we love it!

Long Pixie with Messy Layered Crown

By Patrick Trant

21. Silky Stacked Bob. A stacked bob is another volume-boosting option for fine locks!

Inverted Jaw-Length Blonde Fine Hair Bob

By Russell Mayes

22. Super Short Pixie. Looking for a short, low maintenance hairstyle? This one’s for you, then, and it’s super lovely!

Very Short Pixie for Fine Hair

By Ashley Atkinson

23. Asymmetrical Pixie. A “tamed” version of the asymmetrical pixie. Use a smoothing serum to achieve the look.

Blonde Longer Version of Pixie with Side Bangs for Fine Locks

By Julie Holbrook

24. Shaggy Graduated Bob. If your fine hair is a little undecided and stands somewhere between straight and wavy – this shaggy bob cut will be just the style for achieving a fuller look.

Mousy Brown Fine Hair Short Bob

By Summer Bourke

25. Graduated Bob + Side Part. Shaggy isn’t for everyone – others prefer smoother textured looks. If that’s you, then you’ll love this graduated bob with a side parting.

Chin-Length Layered Bob for Fine Straight Hair

By Raven Camacho

26. Icy, Long Pixie Cut. We love this icy shade – so trendy!

Ash Blonde Haircut for Fine Hair

By Emily Anderson

27. Razor Cut Icy Pixie. Another example of a super-hot, icy shade! Razor cutting achieves a discreet, wispy cut.

Women's Short Gray Haircut for Fine Hair Type

By Emily Anderson

28. Shaved Shaggy Bob. Want to make your shaggy bob stand out? Add a shaved detail! This cut is ideal for fine curly hair that’s a bit unruly.

Short Fine Blonde Undercut Bob

By Katie Sanchez

29. Short and Spiky Pixie. If you’re not afraid of going very short, this spiky cut could be your next hairstyle! The spikes work like magic in achieving more volume – and create a playful, totally on-trend look.

Super Short Haircut for Women with Fine Hair

By Katie Sanchez

30. Layered, Tousled Bob. Listen up, gals with fine curly hair! A layered, tousled bob is a classic style that never fails to add volume. The best thing? It suits all face shapes, from oval to heart faces.

Wavy Bronde Fine Hair Short Bob Haircut

By Buddy Porter

31. Short Bob with Shaved Sideburns. If you have naturally fine hair, a short bob will give it more ‘oomph!’. Opt for an undercut to make the style edgier.

Short Fine Bob Haircut with a Shaved Temple

By Justin Dillaha

32. Feathered A-Line Bob. Ever heard of feathering? It is a hair cutting technique that focuses on the ends and creates a feather effect. Ideal for achieving a chic hairstyle like this one.

Short Stacked Brown Bob for Finer Hair

By Emily Yvonne

33. Volume-Boosting Tousled Bob. Is your fine hair naturally wavy? Lucky you! Tousled curls and waves are perfect for adding volume.

Wavy Blonde Bob for Fine Hair Looking Thicker

By Nelson Aguiar

34. Textured Pixie. Inject some texture and movement into your fine brown hair by styling individual pieces with a product (like hair wax or pomade).

35. Angled Pixie Cut. This angled pixie haircut is great for those with a long face, because the longer slanted fringe gives it a nice contour. Add foil highlights to dark hair for a playful accent.

Asymmetrical Short Pixie Haircut with Highlighted Bangs

By Marlo Svegelius

36. Layered Bob for Wavy Hair. Got baby fine hair? This layered and tousled bob will make it look fuller.

One-Length Shaggy Blonde Balayage Fine Bob

By Anh Co Tran

37. Fall-Inspired Bob. Get inspired by the fall palette outside and opt for a bold, striking red color. You can use a round brush and a hairdryer to give your hair a blowout (the secret to voluminous locks!).

Copper Red Short Inverted Bob

By May Goulart

38. Wispy Layered Short Pixie. Layers are a girl’s best friend! Not a fan of choppy, bold layering? Go for soft, wispy layers to create a gradual change in the length and a softer, smoother look.

Short Brown Pixie with Bangs

By Christi Swiney

39. Luscious Graduated Bob. If you have mid-neck length hair that’s smooth, this luscious bob may be just the cut for you.

Short Graduated Bob with Layers for Fine Hair

By Ricardo Reis

40. Wispy Layers. Wispy layers will add volume and shape to most hairstyles. This length is particularly easy to manage if you have wavy hair. Don’t go for layers that are very short – it could take a while to style.

Razored Bob Hairstyle for Fine Hair

By The Obie Salon

41. Textured Icy Blonde. Inspired by punk vibes, this trendy icy hair color is the next big thing!

Extremely Short White Blonde Fine Hair Cut

By Tom Wynn

42. Fabulous Chin-Length Bob. Another fabulous metallic blonde color – this time on a smooth, chin-length bob. If you have a round face, this is a hairstyle for you.

Chin-Length Bob with Fine Layers

43. Subtle A-Line Cut. The layered and stacked at the back cut is easy to style, and it’s very convenient for women with short, straight hair!

Silver and Purple Bob for Short Fine Straight Hair

By Trish James

44. Effortless Pixie Cut with Short Bangs. Are you looking to cut down your styling time? Go for this short pixie cut with cropped bangs. It’s a little messy, subtle and just the right amount of edgy.

Short Choppy Blonde Pixie for Fine Hair

By Morgan Curtner

45. Choppy, Stacked Bob. In case you are ready for a bold cut that’s a little more modern and defined, this choppy, stacked bob is an option worth considering. Sharp and uneven, it creates a cool, edgy look. Style it with some wax or pomade – and you’re good to roll!

Short Jagged Fine Hair Cut

By Leigh Rieley

46. Short Wedge Haircut. Not too formal, and not too messy – that’s how we’d define this short wedge haircut. It’s also relatively easy to style, which is always a bonus!

Short Choppy Haircut for Finer Textures

By Aleksandr Stebunov

47. Long Sliced Pixie. The slightly outgrown finely chopped pixie is the look from the top of our list!

Choppy Messy Pixie for Fine Hair

By Aleksandr Stebunov

48. Long Pixie Cut. A long pixie cut can look very sophisticated. Wispy layering makes the hairstyle appear softer, while the razored layers at the crown are perfect for creating height and adding volume.

Layered Short Pixie for Fine Hair

By Salon Luxe

49. Alluring Pastel Pink Bob. Dyeing hair pink is a bold decision, yet, most of us have probably thought about it because it just looks so damn good! The color is flattering for most skin tones – and the subtly graduated bob easily builds body.

Short Pastel Pink Fine Bob

By Megan Schipani

50. Tomboy Hairstyle. The appeal of a tomboy hairstyle is obvious – not only is it easy to maintain but it also looks beyond cool! We love these feminine + tomboy vibes that work in perfect harmony.

Short Haircut with Dark Roots for Fine Locks

By Graham Nation

We hope this list of ultimate short hairstyles for fine hair has left you feeling inspired and thrilled that you have fine locks. Plus, now you’ve got plenty of images to show to your stylist on the next appointment!

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